New Range: Roxy Tracklight

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new Roxy range! Our new tracklights are a further expansion on our current Pure range. They use in-track driver technology which offers improved thermal performance resulting in increased life and higher performance. The drivers used are all from leading branded manufactures with either Phillips or Osram options available both variants offer various control with standard switched versions or DALI.

Roxy Art

Roxy S


We are also launching zoom beam control for both the Roxy Art and Roxy S luminaries which allows the user to control the beam angle from 18° – 35°. This provides ultimate flexibility to adjust the beam angle to suit any display without the need to alter the physical make up of the luminaire.

Roxy Art-Z

Roxy S-Z


To find out more about this new product range, please visit the product page or get in touch!