New Additions to the Pure Family

The Pure range already consists of different sizes, beam angles and colours. More variations have now been added to create a full product family! You can now have the Pure Art and Pure S as ceiling mounted versions and both variations with zoomable beam angles!

These ceiling mounted fittings have the same system power and system output as their track mounted sisters but can be used without needing a track system. The Pure Art Ceiling Mounted also has the addition of a lower wattage option. They are perfect for mono-point applications.

Both ceiling mounted fittings also have zoomable variations. This allows the customer to have full control of beam angle to suit each individual display or application and allows full flexibility of an interior environment without having to change or move fittings. For distributors, having one fitting that has a zoomable beam angle means there is no need to stock various products with different beam angles. There is flexibility from stock.


Pure Art-CZ


Pure S-CZ



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