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New Range: Roxy Tracklight

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new Roxy range! Our new tracklights are a further expansion on our current Pure range. They use in-track driver technology which offers improved thermal performance resulting in increased life and higher performance. The drivers used are all from leading branded manufactures with either Phillips or Osram […]

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New Additions to the Pure Family

The Pure range already consists of different sizes, beam angles and colours. More variations have now been added to create a full product family! You can now have the Pure Art and Pure S as ceiling mounted versions and both variations with zoomable beam angles! These ceiling mounted fittings have the same system power and […]

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New Additions to the Takeo Range

New Additions to the Takeo Range The Takeo product range is already broad and therefore suits a wide range of lighting applications. There is a choice of round or square fitting, recessed, surface mount or pendant mounting options, a range of different bezel and reflector colours and system outputs. We are thrilled to be able […]

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