Shire House Office Project


arch_pro_small_square_twin_adjustable_ 2

Shire House, in West Yorkshire, was lit using a mix of NEKO Lighting’s flexible FUSION Linear system combined FUSION Downlights. The aim of the lighting design was to give the interior architecture the appearance of a continuous linear system, whilst offering the best general and accent lighting. The FUSION Linear System offers the possibility of integrating various inserts into an extruded aluminium profile, providing solutions for spot, accent, and general lighting. 


In the front part of the reception area, an L-shaped recessed profile was installed with FUSION FF5 downlights, outputting a clearly defined, circular light distribution with a high level of visual comfort and a UGR <10. In the rear part, three linear recessed profiles were installed, each with two general lighting inserts. The profiles were punctuated with spot lighting, which were positioned to accent the storage area. 


In the corridors to the elevators, three 1800mm length pendant profiles were used between the ceiling slats. In the two front profiles FUSION FF10 was used to provide general lighting, and in the rear profile our Wall Washer insert was installed to highlight the painting at the end of the corridor.


For more details or to use the NEKO FUSION System in your next design, please contact the team at Chiara.